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Selling your home is a detailed process that should be handled by a specialized real estate lawyer. We will take care of reviewing the agreement of purchase and sale and making sure all details are followed. We will also make sure that funds are properly received before releasing the deed and keys to the buyer. We will not hesitate to creatively navigate issues to avoid unecessary delays. We also take care of paying any outstanding mortgages, real estate commissions and deliver the keys to the buyer’s lawyer.

We remain in constant contact with your real estate agent and the buyer’s lawyer to ensure your property closes without issues.

If you are selling before you buy, we will ensure that the funds from your sale are applied to your purchase. Also, if you are buying before you sell, we can also handle the bridge loan.

What We Do For You


Review the Agreement of Purchase and all other legal documents


Ensure there are no claims listed against the property


Ensure property taxes and other adjustments are credited


Take care of any outstanding mortgage charge


Close the transaction and ensure all legal and financial conditions are met


Exchange legal documents and keys with the buyer's lawyer

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