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Expert help with your real estate needs in Ottawa. Whether buying or selling, our dedicated team at Stéphane Côté Law makes sure your transactions close smoothly. We are your go-to Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer.
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Our dedicated team, led by a seasoned Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer, navigates the complexities of refinancing with a tailored approach to meet your unique financial objectives.
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Stéphane Côté Law: Your Preferred Real Estate Lawyer in Ottawa

Stéphane Côté Law is your trusted partner for all real estate transactions in Ottawa and beyond. As a seasoned Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer, Stéphane Côté brings a wealth of experience to the table, assisting clients with residential purchases, residential sales, and refinancing needs.

With years of dedicated service, our firm stands out as a reliable Real Estate Lawyer in Ottawa. We’re not just about legal representation; we’re about ensuring smooth transactions that leave our clients satisfied.

Our expertise in Real Estate Law includes:

  • Residential Purchases: We guide you through every step of your home buying journey, ensuring all legal bases are covered for a hassle-free purchase.

  • Residential Sales: Selling your home? We handle all legal aspects to ensure a smooth sale, protecting your interests from start to finish.

  • Refinancing: Looking to refinance? Our expert advice helps you navigate the refinancing process with ease, aligning with your financial goals.

Located in the heart of Ottawa, our services extend to Orléans, Kanata, Rockland, Barrhaven, and the surrounding areas. Our reach across the region showcases our commitment to making reliable legal services accessible.

Discover the range of services offered by Stéphane Côté Law and see why we are the go-to Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer for many. Reach out for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards hassle-free real estate transactions.

Dedicated as Your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate lawyer Ottawa

As your devoted Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer, we serve as your reliable counsel ensuring smooth property transactions, whether buying or selling. Our duty entails validating crucial details and guiding you on optimal steps.

  • Review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Title search execution, securing title insurance
  • Change of ownership notification for municipal taxes
  • Mortgage document preparation and verification, explaining mortgage terms
  • Statement of adjustments verification for fair share of prepayments
  • Home insurance confirmation by closing date
  • Closing funds management, facilitating successful transactions
  • Key handover coordination on closing day
  • Consistent availability and responsiveness as your Real Estate Lawyer Ottawa throughout the journey

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Important Steps your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer

Closing Adjustments

Access to your new home or condo is granted by your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer on the closing day, typically during the afternoon. Before key release, closing funds need to be transferred, cheques certified, necessary document exchange between lawyers completed, and Land Registry Office registrations finalized, ensuring a seamless transition in your real estate journey.

Getting Keys

Receiving the keys to your new home or condo is a step facilitated by your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer on the closing day, usually in the afternoon. Before this crucial step, several actions are undertaken: transfer of closing funds, certification of cheques, exchange of documents among lawyers, and completion of registrations at the Land Registry Office, ensuring all protocols are meticulously followed for a smooth ownership transition.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a prudent measure to shield you from potential ownership disputes and other related issues. It's more than a piece of paper; it's your peace of mind ensuring your claim to your new home is undisputed. Your Real Estate Lawyer in Ottawa helps streamline the process, making it a hassle-free experience.

Home Insurance

Securing home insurance is a pivotal step you'll undertake in the closing process of your home or condo, with guidance from your Real Estate Lawyer in Ottawa. This essential action not only protects your new dwelling but also smoothens the transition in your property transaction. Your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer is here to facilitate and ensure that all necessary steps, including home insurance, are seamlessly completed, aiding you in embarking on a new chapter in your new home with assurance and peace of mind.

Meeting Your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer

Meeting your Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer is the starting point of a meticulous journey ensuring every legal aspect of your property transaction is handled professionally. It's not just a meeting; it's the initiation of a process aimed at safeguarding your real estate investment, with expert guidance every step of the way.

Satisfied Clients

Mohammed Abd
Mohammed Abd
I first went there because it's close to my place, now after years and multiple transactions, he is my lawyer, great team and organized.
D Kertzer
D Kertzer
This is an excellent law firm. The sale of my house couldn't have gone more smoothly.
Kevin Yun
Kevin Yun
Very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Mathieu helped me with both purchase and sale of a house and made sure everything was done on time and good to go. He was with me every step of the way in answering any questions I had on both sides of sale and purchasing, and continues to provide advice and assistance even after the closing date.
Marie Darcia
Marie Darcia
Very friendly and excellent service, highly recommended! Everything went so quick and very smoothly, questions answered promptly, with additional helpful info and suggestions. One could just feel that everyone in Stephane's team (Janice, Daniela and Stephane himself) care about their clients, even after the closing date. Would not hesitate at all to recommend to everyone we know who may need legal service.
Fritz Auguste
Fritz Auguste
love working with Stephane, feels like you're working with a family member.
Jacqueline Bosse-Andrieu
Jacqueline Bosse-Andrieu
Merci beaucoup, Stéphane, pour votre aide dans la vente de ma maison. Vous avez à plusieurs reprises répondu rapidement à mes questions et conseillée judicieusement. J’ai apprécié dès le début votre façon de mettre vos clients à l’aise. J’ai vraiment eu l’impression d’avoir un ami à mes côtés.
Sue O'Dacre
Sue O'Dacre
Many thanks to Stephane, Janice and Daniela for making the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home in May of 2020 a less stressful experience. Stephane went out of his way to put us as ease during some very trying times. Janice and Daniela were only an email away and responded quickly to my SOS messages. We are so grateful for this team. God be with you and keep you safe.
Anas Aouni
Anas Aouni
Expert advice, fast and efficient.

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